Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Waiting. Writing. The Process.

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My friend Douglas took this photo of me this weekend, after that gluttonous Lobster Fest brunch meal. You don't know it, but I was so full I couldn't move at all. So I sat, almost comatose, in that position on the sofa for like the whole afternoon and evening, while watching the Emmy Award Red Carpet arrivals.

Anyway, I've been majorly awake at night. My brain is working a billion miles a minute with ideas, thoughts, and sarcastic dialogue. I'm feeling sarcasm lately. I think it may reflect in my third book, which I'm starting on now. I'm sooooooo not sarcastic. Uh, who am I kidding?

Book two... the one after Down For Whatever, but is NOT a sequel... is in the publication pipeline. Completed a long, LONG, time ago. The deal: You send to your agent, you wait for feedback, you respond to feedback, and re-send, and wait for agent to feedback again or for agent to just turn it in to your editor. The thing is: You and agent want your work to be as perfect as possible, and not to get lazy and think... I'm in, so I can turn in undone work. It's the process. The process, yeah.

So instead of fretting over the waiting game, I'm letting my fingers do the walking and talking. One piece of advice I received from writers before I got picked up: keep writing while you're waiting... you have no control over what you're waiting for.

So I wait. And I'm cool. And that's that.


Anonymous said...

Nice picture of you Fred! You look most happy.

TheBlacks said...

Fred is always ready for a his close up!

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