Friday, September 23, 2005

Only Bapt-sbyterian Witnesses Need Apply

So while we're bracing for Hurricane Rita, still recovering from Katrina, not knowing a darn thing about what John Roberts will stand for in the U.S. Supreme Court, and getting info-tained in the news about Kate Moss, Kenny & Renee, and Tyra's double duty hosting jobs...

The U.S. Congress is continuing to work to erode the separation of church and state. Now, government-funded Head Start programs can consider religion when hiring staff members, applicants can be refused employment if their faith beliefs (or lack thereof) don't match the organization, and the organizations can still receive government funds... our tax dollars. The specific language says something about "hiring protections for faith-based organizations."

In other words... "Uh, w'don't laike yur kind, so y'ain't gettin' hired."

We gotta figure out a way to keep our politicians in check... and we gotta see how they're voting in the Senate, and the House of Representatives (for the faith-based amendment)... so that we can make better informed choices at the polls.

You are registered to vote, aren't you?

1 comment:

ByeBye said...

Heck yeah I'm registered to vote and proactive in my community.

Is there really a separation of state and religion... NO, the two entities are working side by side exchanging favors and who's missing from the table??? God almighty his self.