Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Atlanta. In A Nutshell.

In Atlanta, I worked. Did Outwrite Books on Friday, which was a fabulous event and excellent turnout. If you're in the ATL, you gotta go visit Philip and company at the store. It's a great space... and across from The Flying Biscuit, a highly recommended brunch spot in Midtown. Yum.

I worked. My friend, Rashid Darden, who is a self-published author of LAZARUS, needed help this weekend. He's doing the whole thing on his own. Writing. Publicizing. Vending. Marketing. All of it. He couldn't do it all by himself this weekend. So I went where the help was needed.

I worked. The Pride Literary Cafe, with its 15+ writers on the panel, was a 2.5 hour experience. Decent crowd at the beginning. Some writers, and I hate to put my colleagues on blast, don't seem to understand the meaning of 5 - 7 minutes. Kinda made folks in the audience leave early. And even writers who over-did the 5 - 7 minute thing left early. Kinda not cool. I'm not upset. Just people gotta think about the big picture. Not just themselves.

After working, ate, talked, hung out with writers and some readers. Brain spent after sharing, venting, discussing book issues. Hung out in my hotel room. Watched Katrina and New Orleans aftermath coverage. Now, I know why many folks don't watch TV. It can affect your moods. But, I'm glad this story is getting coverage. And I hope it's moving people to go where help is needed.

I'm doing my part with Katrina. Not one to publicly say how. While I can't GO where help is needed, I'm doing my part from my end. The little I can do. Every little big counts. Will be thinking about more.

I had a great time, believe me. Enjoyed meeting and greeting. Didn't party much, but that's okay. Many people did and that's a good thing. Sometimes you feel like it. Sometimes you don't. Got my own questions about where Prides are going... Most of the folks need to remember these events weren't possible a generation ago -- where gays and lesbians could publicly celebrate and be proud of who they are, and with the direction the country is going, Prides may not be possible in the near future. But... that's another commentary.

I'm cool. Happy. Glad to be back in L.A. and starting to write again.


Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

Yep, that was my Pride in a nutshell, too!

Fred, thank you SO MUCH for helping me out! You were a God-send.

Samantha said...

I just stumbled across your site. Very interesting.

...what's your book about? You got me at the "Sex and the City" part...and hooked me by saying you live in LA (I'm in SD). :-)

fratman1906 said...

Fred, You are truly an outstanding author, good friend (I saw you helping my friend Rashid), and an all around great person. It was my pleasure meeting you this weekend in ATL. Shem hotep!

*Madosi said...

this year's pride was probably the best one for me even though there was a lot of drama and stress and nonsense.

i assume you missed my speech during the opening ceremonies, but that was a great highlight, meeting great people on a true intellecuatal non-sexual level was great, and hanging out with friends i had not hung out with in a minute was great!

i also learned and realized a few thins about myself and my abilities!

great times!