Sunday, September 25, 2005

VH1 Soul Retro Weekend

This is 88/Time to get it straight/No half steppin
Big Daddy Kane

Overdosing on VH-1 Soul this weekend. Videos from back in the day hip hop.
Big Daddy Kane. Salt n Pepa. McLyte. Kwame. Oaktown 3-5-7. LL Cool J. Kid n Play. Sweet Tea. Ice-T. Public Enemy. Run D.M.C. Boogie Down Productions.

The flat tops. The crimps. The dancing rappers. The background dancers. The messages. Not to mention the spandex, gold chains, and weaves. And... I totally forgot about celebrity life before liposuction, implants, or just plain working out!

Every genre has its start. Wish I was saving this on DVR. Can't wait to see the Hip Hop Honors on VH1 on Monday.


mytruth said...

This show should be good

Joanne said...

How funny! I just posted yesterday about how much I love Salt'N'Pepa and I want to be them for an 80's birthday party! I was watching VH1 this weekend too with highlights from last year's hip hop honors, etc. LOVING IT! :-)