Thursday, September 22, 2005

Babies. The Class of 2009.

The newest addition to my family. He's adorable. A cousin. Not my own. And born on my birthday, August 27, 2005. I'll be a freaking senior citizen (well, not really, but getting there) by the time he's in college. Wow. Time flies.

But on another note, millions of students have made their ways to college campuses this year for the first time. The Class of 2009! Can you believe it? Time flies.

Just to give you perspective... the college/university Class of 2009 members were born, on average, in 1987. Yeah, 1987!

That means they never saw the space shuttle Challenger accident.
They've always known CDs for music.
Jimmy Carter has always been an elder statesman.
Pay-per-view has always been an option.
"Whatever" has always been a response, rather than part of a question.

The folks at Beloit College put together a list of things each class has experienced or not. Their mindset. I've seen other lists to this nature, some more fun(ny) than others, but can't find right now. And for even greater perspective of time flying, here's what was happening in 1987, the year most 1st year students were born.

I've spent all my adult life at or on college campuses. As a student. As an educator. It's always fun, even with the occasional dramas. A definite microcosm of society. And it's always fun watching people grow, develop, and change as they experience the many "first" that college life brings. At times, it can feel like a sheltered environment, but it definitely keeps you in the loop of trends, language, youth, and knowledge (though, I gotta say some of the papers I've read by students prove that our K-12 systems need to shore up the English departments, especially grammar and spelling... or the kids gotta do things other than playing video games and doing IMs and text messaging!)


Here's to 1987. The Class of 2009. The Class of 2022 (my new family member's high school graduating class...) And to remembering the innocence and fun of 1st year college life!


Joanne said...

Geez, thanks for re-emphasizing how old I am! I work at a university too and I volunteer with some high school kids as well, and it blows my mind to think they were born in the late 80's...

Gotta get my walker ready. ;-)

Danyel said...

cute baby!

fratman1906 said...

Congratulations Fred on the new addition to the family. Now hurry to a financial planner and get that 529 plan started now to pay for tuition in 2022. The tuition that I paid at Duke U in 1970 ($3300/yr.) wouldn't get you through a community college nowadays in most states. Shem hotep!