Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Liza. With a Z.

Isn't she lovely and happy? Well, she should be. She's the toast of the town.

This is Liza Palmer, my author friend, of the hot new book, Conversations With The Fat Girl, which is out in stores today. The book is receiving tons of attention, press, and audience raves. She joked that she made People Magazine... on Rehnquist's obituary page. Lotta good that'll do, she said. People don't buy People for obits of judges. She was hoping to make the Britney's Baby issue instead. lol.

Fun night and fun reading at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena yesterday evening. I'm so happy for Liza. Her dream is coming true... (she and I have been on the same 1st book journey together -- we both sold our manuscripts around the same time, and both have been crazy, mad, happy with the whole process waiting for our publication dates...)

And her book... is drop dead funny!

1 comment:

Liza Palmer said...

What an amazing Journeymate you've been. It was so beautiful seeing you there.

:)muchmuch lovies.