Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hard Things.

I just love this photo, taken by my friend Kurt Brown, who runs a photo business and studio in San Francisco. Kurt Brown's Studio. I know he probably has an official name for this photo... or model... but I just call it hard things. I just love the angle of this shot.

Uh... anyway... I digress. If you live in the D.C. area, check out this Friday's issue of the Washington Blade. There should be a review of Down For Whatever in it, written by Jerry Daniels, Jr. I imagine it will also be online. I put this under "hard things" because reviews, whether they are good or bad, put me on pins and needles waiting for them to appear. I've read some great customer/reader reviews on Amazon. And Rod, who mentions DFW quite a bit on his site (I guess he really loved the book!), also wrote up a blurb in FlavaLife Magazine. Look on page 56/57 of Flava, once you pass all the hard bodies in the magazine.

One thing that's hard about fall coming is that the days are shorter, the winter weight prepares to return (which I am gonna fight and win), and the clothes get a little heavy and fallsy in color. Even in L.A., which has summer pretty much 10 months out of the year. Trudged myself out of bed at 5 am for a morning workout... very hard, after a long night catching up with friends about ATL weekend. Giving running (on treadmill) a try again for the fall, after a summer of stairmastering.

Even with all the difficult news on television lately, I'm finding rays of light that keep my spirits up. Dozens of positive e-mails from readers each day. Seeing the students at the L.A. County High School of Performing Arts back on campus today with all their energy, color, and verve. Getting started on a fun, new book. Knowing you're out there!

Have a great day... even with all the hard things you may face today! :-)


fratman1906 said...

I feel ya on the exercise as the fall/winter days approach. However, I am a living witness that you can lose weight during the winter months instead of gaining. I hit the treadmill daily before going to work. Lost 65 lbs over 14 months (of course I also adjusted my eating, but I digress). Hoping you will have lot of positive reviews, positive emails and much love. Shem hotep!

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

As Fall approaches, I am already suffering from allergies. This week has been horrible with itchy water eyes, sniffles, head-aches. Today, I'm feeling better. I love the change in seasons but hate the allergies that come with it. Congrats on the reviews! I can understand why you're nervous. I send out my stories to my friends and I'm always anticipating what people will say. I like how described the high school students; they are so full of energy and fun!