Monday, September 19, 2005


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Even though we don't get the traditional "fall" feeling in L.A. like the rest of the country, we do get some aspects of it. Like today, for example, is an overcast and chilly day. Like 64 degrees. It feels like a night we'd go on a hay ride in Michigan or Missouri, have hot cider (or rum toddies), and cuddle up in bulky wool sweaters or jackets.

Fall, to some, signifies the end of the fun and frivolous times of summer. Yes... and no. Fun times are always to be had. I've always seen fall as new beginnings. Whether it's the excitement of new TV season, school year, the fall book season. A slower pace.

And I love the colors associated with fall. Cinnamon. Birch. Sage. Coffee. The textures. The food. Yes. The food. Especially Thanksgiving food... mmm. Nothing matches the food. I love food, in case you didn't know.

The best part is feeling like you don't have to be running around to this event, that event, etc... The allure of sitting home on a Sunday morning, or afternoon, in front of the picture window, curled up with a good book is something that can't be described. On a clear day, you might see all the way to the snow-capped Big Bear area.

Yesterday, did the last summery thing for a while. A street festival. San Pedro, CA. Lobster Fest. With a few friends I met/made this summer. If you're in the L.A. area, San Pedro has an area of piers where, if you like seafood (like I do), you can have fresh anything you can imagine. So good. Seafood, in my opinion, can be had all year round. Not just summer. Walked the pier, watched the boats float by, lazed the afternoon by the sea.

I'm so happy fall is here... well, pretty much here. Hope yours is starting off well!

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Cherlyn Michaels said...

See, now. You just made me appreciate my home town (St. Louis, MO) a little bit more. :-)