Thursday, September 08, 2005


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So... I'm on break...

Let me say that the funniest thing happened just a few minutes ago. An actor sent me his headshot and resume. In the mail. As soon as I saw the photo, I thought: "He would be the perfect Julio." Julio is one of the supporting characters, a very important supporting character, in Down For Whatever. Is this a sign?

Just to let you know... there is no casting call for DFW. I haven't solicited any such process. I'm not casturbating (fantasizing about actors and casts for a DFW production).

But. I'm open. And so are many of you... I read the notes from you!


~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

Hey, that's awesome, nothing wrong with casturbating, lol - I love that word. Wow, that's awesome that the actor looks just like Julio! Ironic!

BuddahDesmond said...
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BuddahDesmond said...

Like Elsie, I just love that word....Casturbation. You know, it would be a wonderful thing to see your novel come to the big screen or to the stage. I just finished reading Down For Whatever about two weeks ago. It was one of the best books I'd read this summer. Great writing. Characters that jump off the pages. And a story so true to life.

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Take Care,