Saturday, March 12, 2005

Writing Fix

Taking a quick break from writing. Making some progress today. Major progress. Gotta finish the new book now, especially for Antonio :-) who needs his fix, he says. Writing fix, that is. Such pressure.

Antonio... and everyone else looking for something good to read, check out these writer friends and colleagues.

Tayari Jones, who has a new novel coming out in April, The Untelling. She also has another great novel, Leaving Atlanta, that came out a couple years ago. Tayari's writing is amazing. Such a command of words, scenes, and childhood memories. Tayari also has a great sense of humor. You all would like her if you met her.

Alisa Valdes Rodriguez, who has two fabulously fun novels out. Dirty Girls Social Club is her first. Playing With Boys is her second. She has a new one coming out early 2006, Make Him Look Good. Dirty Girls just got picked up as a series by Lifetime. Congrats! (She has a website, too, but more people are into blogs so that's what I linked here.)

Eric Jerome Dickey is great. His new one is coming out soon. Genevieve. Everyone reads him already. So let's see, who else?

J. California Cooper is one of my all time favorite writers. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a website, but if you google her you'll find all her books. If you're looking for a bit of "mother wit," life lessons, with a little bit of humor and history, you'll like J. California Cooper's work.

Jervey Tervalon. Susan Straight. Jane Smiley. Percival Everett. Tom Dolby (my label mate). Just google them.

Anyway, when I think of more cures for your writing and book fix, I'll let you know. Or... if anybody has suggestions, feel free to leave them for each other.

Back to the manuscript at hand.

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TheBlacks said...

This weekend I went and purchased "The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke," by Suzie Orman

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