Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Shallow Fred

On 10-minute break. Write for 5. Go outside and enjoy 70 degrees for 5. Here goes...

I have a shallow side sometimes. Not a lot. But sometimes.

Today I've been thinking about new clothes, jeans, and shoes. Making a mental wish list of what items and how many I need/want. I mean, I have clothes. But over these past six months, I've worn um-teen different sizes, and finally where I want to be. Everything is loose. Luckily most of my current clothes are the kind that never really go out, but they're never quite trendy. I want trendy for Spring and Summer 2005. Suggestions?

Also need to go car shopping this year. Drive a three-year-old VW that I bought four years ago. Think I want an SUV. X5, those Cadillac SUV/station wagon hybrids, Pacifica, or a VW Golf. Never had a problem with my VW, but want something a little more sporty/trendy... yet budget conscious. Car before VW was an Integra. Always had four-door sedans. Always had an import Time for an update and a change? Suggestions?

And why am I so fascinated with the "Oscar back" look everyone sported at this year's Academy Awards? Says a lot when you can get your back and love handles lean and lovely. Hmmm... A dude's gotta eat, but a dude wants to stay in shape. No suggestions needed, lol.

But I'm not always this shallow... when are we finally getting out of Iraq? why does something not quite fit right about this Brian Nicholas, courthouse shooting incident/capture in Atlanta? did Ohio and Florida go blue, contrary to what we've been told?

OK. Not that shallow. I got lots of free time. All I wanna do is write, sell some books, and really a house is the next thing on my agenda. Hmmm, a house. L.A. Single. Sounds like fuzzy math to me.

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Hey wassup Fred. This is Rod.

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