Wednesday, March 23, 2005

59/60 for $400

What is the number of days until Long Beach Pride, LBP, Alex?

That's correct, Fred, for $400.


So one of the unofficial holidays that my crew sets its clocks around is LBP. For 2005, mark your calendars May 21 and 22. It's huge. Fun. Great crowds. Tons of fun (boys, girls and undecideds), festivities (dancing, people watching, and physi..., err..., mental, err..., intellectual stimulation), and fruity juice boxes (uh, drinks.) And great for those who like their crowds in hues of brown and black. Yum...

One of the running jokes among my crew is that we're all on our LBP Lifestyle Changes, uh, food and exercise plans, err... diets, known as the LBPD, to get in shape for the kickoff to summer. Now, most of you know I've been on my lifestyle change since August 1, 2004, and have lost 32 pounds. Most of my crew started lifestyle changes around the same time too.

Did it through making good food choices (Weight Watchers online -- it works, trust, and I didn't have time for meetings so online was even better! Now I'm done and just maintaining...) and kicking up my cardio... (...which reminds me, another blog topic, another time -- sweating is OK at the gym, as long as you have a towel and wipe down and put on a fresh coat of deodorant before working out; you won't believe how many people I observe who don't... or who walk the same speed on a treadmill they'd walk from their car to the house. Duh, if you're young and able-bodied and exercising like you're 300 YEARS OLD, you're wasting your money, time, and other gym members' space) ...I digress.

So I'm not exactly on an LBPD. I'm on a maintenance plan. Whatever. OK, enough of me. I'm less than 80% of the man I used to be. Love saying that. I digress too much.

My crew prefers LBP to the other similar events in Southern California. Maybe the Silverlake Sunset Junction Street Fair comes a close second. But we're all looking forward to this year. With the book coming out and some special promotions planned for that time of the year, this year's LBP should be the best yet... and I don't even go to the festivals all that much.

Long answer, Fred. We're running out of time.

Oh, sorry Alex. I'll take Exes and Texas for $800...

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