Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Doing Five to Ten

... and I'm not talking about Martha Stewart, Lil Kim, or possibly Paula Abdul.

I'm talking about people who get involved with those serving five to ten in the biggest business in the U.S. -- prison. Saw an interesting story on the news yesterday (scroll down to video #9 on link) about the amount of fan mail people like Scott Peterson get, and how there's this whole group of... I guess you could call them prison groupies... And they love dating and getting involved with incarcerated folks. Now I know some of us like bad boys, but I've got to wonder... What's the appeal?

The other five to ten I'm talking about is what's become the new fashion accessory of my circle of friends and acquaintences. That is -- dating someone five to ten years younger. That is -- those of us in our late 20s/early 30s doing five to ten below. Hmmm. Yummm. Uh? Did I say that? Anyway, the Saturday night special I blogged about a couple days ago fits that category. My closest friend, his sister, another good friend, one of my publicity team members, Demi, Vivica had the magic stick, Camilla has the magic... ooh gross (she's like 2 years older, it counts!), and three of my day-job colleagues have picked themselves up one of these nice, trendy, spring accessories. I love it. Applaud it. Hip hop has definitely brought the generations together. All I gotta say about that one... Thank you hip hop!

Well, not totally. My next novel explores the five to ten dynamic. Age... not incarceration status. Almost done with the novel. If I could limit my internet and e-mail time to five to ten minutes a day... maybe I'd be done like yesterday!


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Trent Jackson said...

You are so hillarious. We so need to have a chat one day at the sidewalk bistro and enjoy caramel, mocha-frap, soy-lattes...

Writers block get you doesn't it.