Thursday, March 10, 2005

Novel Procrastination... Well, Not Really But

I'm on page 180 in the new novel, due by end of the month to my agent. I'll get it done. I HAVE to get it done. Life will get too busy come spring and summer, and won't be able to get fully into a writing project again until the end of the year.

Taking a short break to watch Oprah which I TIVO everyday. Fascinating show topic, kinda fitting with the new novel: Would you take him back after multiple lies and affairs?

So it's not procrastination, is it, if it's research, right? lol. One of my characters... well, won't say too much more. But this show will help me enhance the naive characteristics of one of my characters. The things some of us choose to overlook, not believe, or make excuses for when the truth is right there in our faces. I've been there. So has one of my characters. Yeah, right, a character.

Back to writing after Oprah. Yeah, right. I am. Really.

ps. have you been there?

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TheBlacks said...

Good Lawd -- I can finally leave a comment! No more Oprah breaks, one must continue writing because I finished reading "Down For Whatever," earlier this morning and I'm in need of a fix.