Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Country Corner: Loretta Lynn and Lee Ann Womack

I like country music. Yeah, sounds kinda weird, huh? But I do. I guess because I love to hear storytellers, and most of the best-written country songs tell stories. Amazing stories.

Just picked up a copy of Van Lear Rose by Loretta Lynn. The CD is amazing. No wonder it won Best Country Album and Best Country Collaboration with Vocals at this year's Grammy Awards. Listened to it at the gym during the first half of my cardio. Great stories. You

Loretta takes you through it... from the story of how her mom and pop met in their coal-mining town ('Van Lear Rose') to getting wild in Portland, Oregon off a Slow Gin Fizz ('Portland Oregon') to telling the town hussy, while defending her babies' daddy, "I wouldn't dirty my hands on trash like you." ('Family Tree')

So Loretta took me through the stair master for thirty minutes.

And Lee Ann Womack took me through an additional thirty minutes on the elliptical trainer. Now Lee Ann's newest is There's More Where That Came From, and that song -- the title track -- alludes to the affair and late-night calls from a secret lover who calls just to remind her, to hint, she can have it whenever she wants it. HOT!

The phone action continues on the initial offering from the CD ('I May Hate Myself In The Morning, But I'm Gonna Love You Tonight'). I'm sure you can identify... since we've been talking about exes lately -- the one you can't quite get out your system, the one who causes you pain and you can't get it together with, but as Lee Ann sings, "Ain't it just like one of us to pick up the phone after a couple drinks." We've ALL been there. I know. A couple drinks. Stroll down memory lane. Burning calories...

I digress...

Anyway, 1000+ calories and an hour+ later, I think I heard two of the best country CDs out there now. Hope you'll feel the same.

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