Monday, March 28, 2005

Josefina Lopez... the other J-Lo

Josefina Lopez, actor, writer, producer, and community activist, runs a really cool artistic space on the East side of L.A. called CASA 0101. You might not know her name, but you know her film, the HBO Production "Real Women Have Curves", which was actually one of several stage productions Josefina has written.

CASA 0101 one of those spaces where everyone is welcome to learn, share, and experience their artistic points of view. It's a safe space. And Josefina is working with other artists to create a nice little renaissance in Boyle Heights and East L.A. We need more spaces, places, and people like Josefina. Working to make a difference.

I've met Josefina several times. She spoke here at the university on filmmaking and writing. She has worked with our friends at the East L.A. Women's Center. And she wants to help young people of color find their voices through artistic venues and the creative process.

Just got a bunch of e-mails about some spring time writer, directing, filmmaking classes CASA 0101 will be offering. There's some great people teaching this spring and the classes are reasonably priced. No price is too large or small if it's an investment in your future.

So... if you're in L.A., and even thinking about dipping in the creativity pool, I say go ahead, take a chance, meet other creative types... whether it's at CASA 0101 or a space in your hometown. You never know what may come of it.

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Trent Jackson said...

Her website is cool. I can use that spot for future reference