Wednesday, March 16, 2005

2nd Anniversary

Lest we forget, the U.S. has been in Iraq for two years now. Grateful I don't have any friends or family in the military or in Iraq. Grateful that my family raised kids to see college, not the military, as options. But won't digress on how there's more military recruiters and materials than college recruiters and materials in L.A.'s public school. Trust... I have friends who work in these high schools in L.A. (Quick digression... saw on CBS Evening News tonight how military recruiters are going where the young people are: rodeos, NASCAR races, concerts, etc... because they're not meeting quotas. Hmmm... facing death at a young age halfway around the world? For a cause that we don't have real answers for why we're there? Yeah, real appealing).

But, we're on the 2nd anniversary of the search for weapons, err... removing Saddam, err... bringing freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people. OK. Whatever. We were all duped.

I'm not currently a journalist, but there are others out there keeping us updated on what we're not getting in mainstream media.

Michael Moore
How many Iraqi casualties? How many U.S. casualties? Casualties visual.
Peace rallies information


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