Friday, March 25, 2005

Picture Perfect Good Friday

So far so good. Found out I'm getting some extra $$$ in my pocket each month. The boss is away today, so the Freddie will play, err..., I mean will work extra hard on the presentations and readings for Nashville next week. I'm marching triumphantly toward completing my second novel, which is due next week. And the weather in So Cal today is sunny, a bit brisk, but perfect for kicking off the weekend. Thanks Jillian for the forecast!

Adding to the picture perfect-ness of the day is my friend, photographer Kurt Brown, who's been getting a lot of play in print, electronic, and other media, including Brotha2Brotha. I've known Kurt for like seven years, since we were in grade school and romping around the streets of San Francisco. Who KNEW? Apparently I didn't, though I'd heard through the grapevine Kurt had mad skills handling models and lenses. Yumm... Check out Kurt's site. Check out Ibarionex Perello's work -- the guy who shot my website pics. And check out Brotha2Brotha, which has nice pics, and is the gateway to my current gossip-filled fave: 666! Some hot and not-so-hot pics, but definitely perfect for escaping the drama of your life for that of others. That's if you have a bad side. Hmmm...

Here's to a picture perfect Good Friday and weekend for all of you! What are your plans?

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