Monday, March 14, 2005

TV Talk

Been watching Fat Actress for the past two weeks. I like it. Find it funny. But, is it funny? Or mean spirited? Still trying to dissect for myself. Your thoughts?

Queer as Folk begins its fifth and final season on Sunday, May 22. I'll admit, I didn't watch the show the first two years it was on. Now, I'm a regular viewer. Still surprised there are no men of color in QAF-land, but whatever.

Waiting for the final season of Six Feet Under to begin. Love, love, LOVE the show and the acting and writing. Talk about an inclusive show.

Don't watch much tv, but when I do, it's mostly my shows on HBO and Showtime. And Oprah. And Young & The Restless.

Back to the keyboard... novel number two is almost done. Really, it is.

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TheBlacks said...

I'm a little behind but I've been hooked on "Six Feet Under," & "The Wire," since getting the first two seasons on DVD.