Thursday, March 17, 2005

Essence, Mariah, Tayari

Just got the new Essence Magazine in the mail today. Well, my office did. LOL. Cover features Mariah Carey and she's talking about her new-found emancipation and status in life. OK. But the reviewer says the new Mariah CD dropping April 12 is the best of her career. I've heard that from others who have received advanced listener copies.

Also featured in Essence is writer-friend,
Tayari Jones, whose new novel The Untelling hits shelves around the same time as Mariah's CD. Buy this book! I received an advanced reader copy and just loved it. I'm sure you will too! It's a novel that resonates.



TheBlacks said...

Hopefully my copy will be awaiting me once I get home tonight from work ... I've seen the cover of the magazine and I couldn't help but laugh. I'll be getting a copy of Mariah's CD when it drops ... It sounds like she's focus again.

TheBlacks said...

P.S. -- Seems like Lil' Kim will be serving time in jail.