Monday, March 28, 2005

5 am

So one of my writing quirks is my scheudle. I like to set the alarm for 4:30, which gives me thirty minutes to get up and prepare to write at 5 am. Try to write for a couple hours each morning before going to the office. Then try to get another two hours in at night, just before going to bed. During the day... I'm thinking story, listening to people talk, making observations and gathering information to use in my writing.

Now that I'm not on deadline, and my alarm is set to a much more reasonable time, I'm still waking up at 5 am. Uuuggghhh! Not cool. If my natural alarm clock keeps waking me, I might add a couple morning workouts to supplement going to the gym after the office.

Anyway, passed the time listening to the Front Page show on KJLH, and there was a guest on who, on the surface, seems really cool and like he's doing some positive things in his community and for people of color. Forgot his name, but remembered the website of his organization, Operation Hope.

Based on what he said on the radio, it sounds like the organization is trying to help people of color and people on the cusp of the middle class/working class fringe get home mortgages, open bank accounts at real banks (not using check cashing places at a primary bank), and manage their finances much more responsibly. Sounds like I should check them out. Sounds like an organization that does work across the nation.

Not an endorsement. I'm definitely Not a financial advisor. I don't even agree with some of the compassionate conservative statements the guest made, but I do believe in making better choices when you have better information and resources to work with.

Anyway, just something worth checking into. And as soon as I log off, I'll check out the site myself. Maybe today's 5 am wake up call might be worth the inconvenience.

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