Wednesday, March 30, 2005

McMillan, Rowling, and Smith for $2000

What is... authors with books releasing in July 2005, Alex?

That's correct.

Well, I already knew about J.K. Rowling and the new Harry Potter coming out July 16. Then found out about DFW's date, July 5.

Now, the mama of all fiction, the one to whom all contemporary black authors owe their respect, gratitude, and publication to, Terry McMillan, has a new novel, The Interruption of Everything, coming July 12.

Fun July, huh. Fun month for a first-time novelist to come out, huh? Sure, why not.

Think positive.

Gossip challenge.

Here goes:

While all the kids, and their parents, and grandparents are out getting the other books, that means that much more traffic will be in the bookstores... and the potential for all those customers to see my book on the shelf is raised exponentially. Rowling and McMillan are sure-fire magnets to bookstores, so with all those folks in the bookstore, they have no choice but to see mine, huh? And once they see it, look at the back, read the description, they'll have no control over their impulse to pull out the plastic and purchase not one, but three copies of Down For Whatever. Yeah, that's the ticket.

It's going to be a fun July. That's for sure.

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Trent Jackson said...

I need some fliers so I can pass them out. Do you remember that animated series the critic? It was on fox after the simpsons?

Okay the main guy, the short bald head guy, hence, the critic, wrote a book. He had a life size display that said "Buy My Book" every time you walked past it or something like that.

We both need one of those.