Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Monica Palacios

Had a really cool treat tonight. Got to see Monica Palacios in her one-woman-show, GET YOUR FEET WET. If you don't know Monica or her work, read on.

She is a writer and performer, and a Post-Doctoral Rockefeller Fellow at UC Santa Barbara's Center for Chicano Studies. She recently completed the world premiere of her play, SWEET PEACE, which received an Indie Award from the Santa Barbara Independent Newspaper.

She's also the creator of several one-woman-shows, including Queer Souls, a 20-Year Perspective; Besame Mucho: My Body and Other Parts; and Greetings from a Queer Senorita. Monica is also an adjunct professor at The American Academy for Dramatic Arts, UC Santa Barbara, UCLA, UC Riverside, and will be teaching a course at Cal State L.A. this spring.

Monica is also available for performing, writing, and directing gigs. She's so cool, down-to-earth, a critical thinker (wait'll you hear/see her Bush critiques), and so darn smart and funny. She can be reached at

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