Thursday, March 03, 2005

Booking Atlanta

So one of the cities I discussed with my publisher about hitting on book tour is Atlanta. Hub of the south. Cultural. Artsy. Bohemian. Neo-soul. Lots of folks in our "target demographic" (wink wink) who'd get into my novel about boy-boy love drama in L.A. And lots of my high school classmates from Detroit who relocated there after attending Morehouse, Spelman, Clark Atlanta, etc... (silly me chose not to attend an HBCU, wish I had for undergrad at least...)

Digress about undergrad and grad school... another blog, another day.

Anyway, we discussed planning my Atlanta visit around National Black Arts Festival or In The Life Atlanta. That way we could have an anchor event around which to schedule bookstore, library, and organization readings and events. Well, just nabbed the ITLA gig. So I'll be hitting Atlanta around Labor Day weekend, plus or minus a few days. Hope they're Down For Whatever. Now just gotta get Outwrite, Medu, and who else? while I'm in Atlanta. Quite a haul from L.A. Can't just hop east every day. And still waiting to nab NBAF interest... any leads? Tour guide volunteers? "Target demographic" tips, wink wink? My last visit to Atlanta was like 1999 or 2000. Let me know.

What to do? What to wear? Now I have an incentive to lose the final 8 pounds (since I'm down 32 since September 2004). Hmmm... rambling too much. Many more important things in the world to worry about... so let's just stop there about shallow appearance and looks issues.

Atlanta... I'm coming!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Fred,
I am glad that you will be making an appearance in ATL, my natural habitat!

In The Life Atlanta is a really good event. You'll have a good time and move a lot of books.

And don't worry about those 8 pounds!!!