Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday Schmiday 2

That time of the day -- 3:30 -- that time of the week -- Friday. Got that itch. What to do?

Supposed to write all this weekend. Perfect timing. All my hanging-out friends are heading to Vegas. Raining all weekend. Tons of down time. Maybe some laundry. Got a meeting with Oskar and Daniel this weekend -- two guys on my marketing/publicity team. One of my best friends and first friend I made in California, John, just sold his house and is moving to El Paso next week with his partner. We might do lunch or dinner. Invited to a reading down at Matais Books to see a new writer, Trent Jackson. That's about it. Hmmmm... what am I talking about.

Most people love Fridays. I'm not too partial to them. Never have been, except when I was a kid and loved watching Dallas (i.e. J.R., Sue Ellen, and Miss Ellie) on Friday nights. Long time ago.

I need to write.

But just got paid... Friday night... hmmmm.

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