Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's All About The Release

Psst. Forgot to tell you something about San Francisco last weekend. Our little secret.

My book is out. At least on some shelves in San Francisco. I'm sure to capitalize on SF Gay Pride events of the past weekend. I was out getting my Pride on with everyone else in the city... strolling down Market, having just finished like 1 or 3 margaritas, and BAM... I look in the doorway of a bookstore and see my book, front and center in the doorway entrance, stacked in a pyramid and with a huge color poster announcing my in-store appearance in July. Books Inc.

I was shocked. Happily shocked. Went in and introduced myself to the staff. Nice folks. Signed a few copies of their stock. Then walked away with a grin. They said they'd already sold some that weekend, like three. I guess that's good. For the weekend. :-)

Be sure to check out the Books Inc. newsletter.

Everyone's asking me at this moment: how does it feel to have a book about to come out? In bookstores? In a lot of places? Especially now that it's just days away from the official release?

I'm extremely happy, excited, sleepy, pensive, doubtful, outgoing, introspective, and always low on time, sleep, and cash. But I'm not complaining one bit. This is something I've always wanted to do... write and publish a novel... I did it on the first try. So I'm lucky. Blessed. And I'm loving every minute of it. The good and the not so good.


Anonymous said...

This was the kind of moment I was hoping to read from you. After all the hard work. Bam!! a dream comes true!!What an awsome feeling that must be.

I'm sure all your friends and family are very proud of you.

I wish you the best on your tour.

Kevin C

Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

I'm very proud of you, Fred! I know we've only just "met" but I am very glad to know you. You are as helpful as you are humble and I enjoy reading your blogs. You deserve every bit of success and happiness that Down For Whatever brings you!