Saturday, June 04, 2005

NYC kids... Cute enough to move here...

So I've been clubbing too. In between work. Krash. Escuelita. Roswell in Brooklyn. G. XL. The black bars on Christoph street Hanger. Chi Chiz. Promoting the book, handing out postcards, and having a cocktail in between. Cool people. Cute people. There's a hot nerdy type from Bronx ... a Dominican. A writer of a fiction book I just bought, and who was at BEA today promoting the book. Another writer, who just got married supposedly, but is rather fascinating. Calls me Fred with a "Ph". Funny.

My agent, Nicholas, is so cool. Met me at G. Introduced me to another writer client, the bartender, Achilles. A is cool. PR boy.

Loving the scene in NYC. Can't imagine being here in the winter, though. How do you do it? One thing that seems different. No one seems to "hook up". They dance a LOT. Hang with friends. Go home with friends. Different from what I observe in L.A. Hmmm....

What's up with all the kids hanging out at the Christopher Street pier? Skipping school? Homeless? Kicked out by homophobic parents? So sad. The hanging. The hustling. What do they do all day? Made me sad to see. I guess it's the same everywhere.

OK. Eric's calling now. Time for drinks at Preston's and David's.

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