Saturday, June 04, 2005

NYC... book stuff

So it's no secret I came to NYC to do some pre-buzz and promotion work at Book Expo America on my novel Down For Whatever, which is coming in about a month.

What BEA is all about is tons of booksellers, publishers, agents, some writers, etc... get together to see what's hot that's coming out the upcoming book season. They are promoting mostly their late summer, but fall and winter books.

The sad part about books is that after about three months of the release date, you can consider the "buzz" and excitement over for your project. So I anticipate that book high to be over by September. It's cool and the nature of the game. You move aside for the next new thing until your next new thing.

It's interesting observing the industry for the first time. Everyone's smiling, selling, comparing, looking for the next hot thing. I'm so grateful for Kensington and my editorial director, John, and Kensington's other fabulous editorial director, Karen (a wonderful sister diva!), for giving my book a promotional boost at BEA. It means a lot to have signed so many copies for booksellers, reviewers, book club presidents, and account managers for the major chains. Some really cool people I met. This is one major difference between self-publishing and getting picked up by a label. You have access to distribution when you get picked up.

Anyway, there are ups and downs to the business. It's a business, that's something I have to keep in mind. My L.A. friendliness is kinda weird to some people. I ask questions, wanna know where people are from, ask them to e-mail me when they're done reading. Then, after it was all over, I'd be back alone at my hotel room. Those few moments in the spotlight are fleeting, then you're alone. I can see why some people go crazy in some industries. I'm grounded, so you won't be reading about me doing something crazy to myself.

I'm so excited. And for those folks who met me at the Blackboard Books table on Saturday, I apologize for my "sweating like Whitney" moment. :-) I'm not on anything... so don't go to the book blogs with that gossip. Thanks!

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CydneyR said...

fred, sorry i couldn't find you at BEA. and i definitely missed you at the Blackboard Reception. but I did look for ya!! :)