Tuesday, June 28, 2005

San Francisco Pride

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Deborah Cox. Fabulous. Latin Stage. Front. Center.
EnVogue. Phenomenal. Main Stage. More Front. More Center.
Snakes as accessories. Not so hot. Everywhere.

Everything about San Francisco Pride was great. Drinks. Food. Boys. Girls. Music.

But one thing I couldn't get with were the number of folks with live snakes as neck/shoulder accessories. Maybe it's a Bay Area thing. But I couldn't dig it at all.

OK... and maybe not digging the fact that the Soul (aka Black) Stage and the Hip Hop (aka Younger, Blacker, and Browner) Stage were so effing far from the center of the action. Had to walk like eight freaking blocks, it seemed, to find them. The politics of pride... sometimes. Anyway, great event. No one does it like San Francisco. Except maybe New York City, which I have yet to make. And, I got my farmer tan going. Yee haw.

But, if I had to hand out one more postcard to one more drunkish boy asking, "Is this a movie or what?" I was going to...
just grin and bear it. For the sake of making and meeting a new potential reader.

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