Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Bernard from Alexander Book Company and The Bookhouse Cafe is so funny. Had me crying in the middle of Market Street in downtown San Francisco on Friday.

Stopped by his store to say hello, drop off some postcards, touch base, etc... He was like, "Damn, boy, you just like to travel or what... just to hand out postcards? Your reading ain't til next month..." Because he thought I was based in Atlanta, and not L.A., so my Friday afternoon drop in was a surprise. Like I'm rolling on a private jet like Alexis Carrington or something. Far from it, but we got a good laugh right after Beverly Jenkins' reading.

I met Bernard last month in NYC at Book Expo America, tried to hang out in Harlem once or twice, but been phone and e-mail friends way before BEA. Bernard is cool people and if you make it to San Francisco, you gotta meet him and get him reminiscing on his days in Detroit, dancing on The Scene tv show, and plus-size clothes. Bernard's a comedian, in addition to working books, so he'll have you rolling.

Got my comedy show for free, minus the two-drink minimum.

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