Thursday, June 23, 2005

The City by the Bay

San Francisco is a cool city. And when you're living in Southern California, a visit to the city by the bay can be a nice weekend getaway. Same for when you're living up north and coming south to visit L.A.

I'm heading to San Fran this weekend. Later today, actually. For work. A little play. Doing one reading at the SF Public Library. Got hundreds of book postcards ready for passing out to SF Pride patrons. Looking forward to seeing my SF buddies Matt, Lina, Lety, Pedro, Kenrick, and other folks. My cousin Kim and her family are in the area too.

Have a nice, safe, prideful weekend wherever you'll be celebrating this weekend! (Kinda wish I were in NYC this weekend...)


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip to SF!! I had planned on being there myself for pride. But I'm stuck doing this in-house video shoot.

Have fun!!

Kev C

Trent Jackson said...

Have fun Freddie!
See you next weekend!!