Friday, June 10, 2005

Graduation Season, Part 2

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Such a beautiful sight. Black college graduates. College graduates period. About to make a difference in their families' lives and the world.

This month, you're probably celebrating someone's educational achievements... or maybe your own. If you are, CONGRATULATIONS!

I know it's an easy road for some. Filled with trials and tribulations for most others. If you are black or brown, over 30, a woman, gay or lesbian, differently abled, poor or working class, or dropped out for whatEVER reason... most would say the odds are stacked against you, and that college is a dream that should be snuffed out.

I say that in spite of it all, those are the reasons to continue your education... no matter how long it takes to get that piece of paper. And not just to prove other people wrong, but to show that you can complete a goal you wanted to finish. A few months ago I talked about working with many people who have beat the odds and made it to graduation. This weekend they will be walking the stage, listening to keynote speakers such as Jasmyne Cannick and Andre Farr.

I'm so proud of them. Makes me want to graduate again... but I'm not about to do a Ph.D. No, for real.

Have a nice weekend! Be safe... be cool!

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