Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Reggaeton. Writing. Inspiration.

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I'm hooked on this new radio station in Los Angeles: Latino 96.3.

Reggaeton. Hip Hop. All day. Getting my fix of Ivy Queen, Rupee, Daddy Yankee, along with 50 Cent, Mariah, and Tupac.

When I write, I write to music. In the past, it's been jazz -- authentic jazz, not watered down muzak/soft r&b. But as I'm revising the second novel, I'm hooked on 96.3. The music puts me in the mindset of what my new characters listen to, do in their free time, where they hang out, what moves them musically. The station is aimed at a younger Latino and black audience in L.A., and that's what these new characters are.

One of my characters in my second novel looks very much like the guy tucked behind the 96.3 sign above. The character (not the guy above) is a "bad" good boy... a hip hop nerd so to speak, meaning he's full of contradictions: street smarts with a 4.0 gpa; a partier, yet a mama's boy; wants to be good, yet gets caught up. That's all I'll say for now.

I'm caught up... in revisions and re-writing :-)

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