Wednesday, June 15, 2005

O, This Is Not Me... But 20,000 Crunches, 78 Straight Days On Treadmill, Subtract 9.5 years, And...

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This could have been me. But it's not. lol.

This is Omarion. I watch too much 106 and Park. Too much to no longer be a teeny bopper.

How little must I eat to look like this? How much more can I run? Maybe it's the belt and jeans that I'm missing. Or the nice gloss on the lips. Hmmm...

OK. Get over it. Let's lament food and fitness and fame... how about a visit to Carmen and Jane blog? Or Holiday-N? Or visit the boys in Brooklyn? Or Rod's take on Omarion?

Hmmm. Break over. Back to writing about writing. Tomorrow :-)

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Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

But why would you want to look like that? You look great!