Sunday, June 05, 2005

Back in L.A.

OK. I'm in L.A. again. Feel great to drive again. Been walking like I'm on the underground railroad or something all week in NYC. Wait, the subways are underground. Vindicated.

Picked up a nasty little bug in NYC. Not one of those bugs. A cold. Feel like it's the middle of winter or something, the way I'm sneezing and coughing and sniffling. Tough week and month ahead. Graduations. Book stuff. No rest for the weary. But joy comes in the morning.

Missed you L.A. Can't wait to get in the thick of things again... and things will be real THICK very soon. Kinda like me feeling real SpongeBob after no gym for the past week. Walking does only so much when you're used to an hour a day on the stairmaster. Anyways... missed my bed, my car, my friends, my laptop... oh, how I love your firm keyboard.

New York City is great. For those of you who live there (shout out to my Brooklyn peeps!) you know how much you love it there. For those of you who haven't visited, you gotta go (but avoid Times Square... tourist trap, too crowded, slow walkers, and who goes to NYC to eat at Fridays or Applebees??? Except people from the midwe.... err, won't go there. I need books to sell in that part of the country, lol).

Next week is Puerto Rican Pride. After that, pretty much every week is another Pride... Dominican, Jamaican, Jewish, Black... festival city. Just find someone you can stay with so you won't have to fork out over a grand PLUS for a week's PLUS accommodations. That's just accommodations. It's all cool, though.

Love New York City. Love L.A. And loving my Detroit Pistons right now too. Keeping that Detroiter spirit going!

Pics, name dropping, NYC thank you's, etc... to come soon! OK. One name. Iman. Saw her at the Blackboard Opening Reception of Book Expo America. Promoting a new book for young women she worked on. More soon...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Fred!!

I'm glad you had an awsome time in NYC. I'm sure you made a very good impression to the book buyers.

Looking forward to seeing the pics and more stories about your trip.

Kevin C

Trent Jackson said...

YES FREDERICO! When are we having a power Lunch....and if you have Kevin C's email address send him mine or tell him to email me...PAGING KEVIN C

Will said...

I'm so sorry that we spent such little time together while you were here. It was great seeing you, though. I'm glad you had a great time. Now, pack those bags and move, lol.