Friday, July 01, 2005

Patti Patti

OK. Up early. Enjoying the long weekend about to start. Loving Patti LaBelle on Good Morning America this morning. Love that she's still got that spring in her step. Keeping it way young, with the jeans, the "Hell naw" comment about Diane Sawyer wanting to sing background on a song, and the "Sing it heifer" with her REAL background singer. Cute.

Oh. What a weekend. Patti's taking it back on her new CD which I didn't even know was out. Classic Moments. But plan to get it now.

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TheBlacks said...

Heard "Ain't No Way," Patti's rendition with Mary J. Blige on KJLH and the verdict is still out on getting Patti's "Classic Moments," CD.