Tuesday, July 05, 2005

In Stores Everywhere... Today!

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The phone started ringing around 8:30 last night. My sister. Congratulating me. Asking me how does it feel being on the verge...?

Phone hasn't stopped ringing. Family. Friends. E-mail box filling up from people, mostly readers. My first novel, Down For Whatever, officially released today, Tuesday, July 5.

Found some great sites online reviewing the book: Rod (who's been a supporter from day one!); Kraig and Snap Magazine Online (a new friend from NYC); People Who Love Good Books (Shay's holding it down in South Carolina). I'm sure there are others I'm not seeing. Just send them my way if you find anything about me.

Someone e-mailed that there was an article and review in the Long Beach, CA newspaper in the Sunday book section. If you have it, please help me get a copy.

OK. I'm not caught up. I know in the grand scheme, this is just one book of thousands released every month. I know my three months working this book will come and go before I know it. But for now, I'm enjoying the moment.

Happy July 5th everyone!


Anonymous said...

I raise a glass of Cristal to you!!!

You know I got my copy already!!

It's Fred Smith Day!!! Yeah!

Kevin C

Liza Palmer said...


This is such an amazing day - savor every minute!!

Rocka said...

Congrats... I am gonna make sure I stop by a bookstore and purchase a copy...

Your an inspiration...

Rocka (http://rockaonline.com)

Trent Jackson said...


P.S. and who is this Oji guy can a bitch get his picture too?

Shawn said...


prodigalsun said...

Hey Fred,
I went bought and read your book completely on Tuesday. It was grrrrrrrreat. I really enjoyed it. I was like a sex in the city meets waiting to exhale minus the bitter older women. It was a great read, good character development, and very witty & clever execution.
Bravo bruh.

Frederick Smith said...

Thank you everyone who purchased... who plan to purchase... or who will borrow DOWN FOR WHATEVER from a friend. I appreciate it! Feel free to write a review on Amazon or any other online site you visit.

Thanks again!

Eric Claiborne said...

Congratulations my good friend on an excellent book and the release of it. I'm very proud of you.

I can't wait until the next one comes out. Remember, don't base any of the characters on me. LOL.