Thursday, July 14, 2005

San Fran... Again

At one of those $800 a minute internet cafes in San Francisco. The Castro District. So this'll be quick.

Great events at Books Inc on Market Street... and Alexander Books on 2nd Street. Small crowds, but very interested and energetic crowds. Great questions. And book buyers. Each person bought multiple copies. Which of course is a good thing. Saw cool friends from my past... Sara, Faith, Ryan, Merve, Bernard, Kurt... so cool for the support of new and old friends.

Been thinking a lot about this "on the road" thing as it relates to book promotion. More on that later. Unless you're Jackie Collins or like Terry McMillan (who's doing a reading at Laney College in Oakland on Saturday afternoon), getting a crowd of a dozen or more at a bookstore reading is a lot of work. Community organizations and literary panels at book fairs are the way to go. But who knows. I stay grounded in knowing I'm new, but that people are reading, and e-mailing me good things about reading the book. That's cool.

San Fran is hot this week. It's never really over 70 degrees here, but this week pushing 80 and sometimes 90.

More later. Hope you're cool!


Dubbed As Trent Jackson said...

Glad to know that you're doing okay!! Have fun on the road-I'll be waiting for the crazy road stories...and drink a lot of water...(what am I a doctor?)

Frederick Smith said...

I'll be drinking a lot of water... and a lot of other non-water beverages too... margarita, cape cod, berry martini... oops, too much information.

Yes, water!