Monday, July 18, 2005

Where Have You Found Yourself Lately?

I been a lot of places, seen a lot of faces... aww he...
OK. Enough of the Lil Kim lyrics. One of my faves on the dance floor from back in the day.

But I am finding myself in some really cool places via my addiction to Google-ing myself every now and then... and various links and stories/reviews I'm finding. If you're in L.A., the latest iN Los Angeles weekly has an article about me that I have yet to read... but have heard about. Cool. Someone sent me this story featuring a short review on Down For Whatever, which was nice. And Rashid... love this entry comparing some of us to characters in Kill Bill. If you find stuff, please send it my way.

The other places I've been spending a lot of time in is independent and chain book stores. Mostly to do readings... or to visit the booksellers and sign whatever books they have in stock. It's been interesting the places I've found my book. Some have it on that front table, right when you walk in, featuring the newest paperback releases. Some have it tucked in LGBT areas. None have it in the small spaces set aside for books by or about Latinos. One store had it in with the fiction and literature section. Period. I've found it mostly in the African American section of bookstores.

But it's interesting to see how different stores decide to categorize my book. It's got gay folks, black folks, and latinos. It's an L.A. story.

I don't know how I feel about how books are categorized, but I'm wondering if books get a fair shake if the book is placed somewhere and no one in the store has read it. Or, if when you're book shopping, if you go to certain section first and then elsewhere? Or do you just stop at the front tables and don't explore further.

I'm realizing there are a ton of books released all the time. It's hard to find some. It's easy to find others. But I know the places books are put... or the places in bookstores customers are willing to search can make or break any book.

Don't know if I'm making any sense. But it's just something I'm thinking about regarding the book selling industry.


Rocka said...

That's funny that you google yourself... I do the same thing, but my friends think its vain... I just like to know where I am being

Rocka (

Rod said...

Your book was in the African-American section in the Borders on Broadway in Chicago, and in the general section in the B&N a block away. In NYC, it was in gay fiction in the B&N on 6th Ave and Greenwich, and in the general section in the Lincoln Center B&N. Go figure.

I'll give you an ATL report next week.