Tuesday, July 19, 2005


It's hot.

Pretty much everywhere you go, except the southern hemisphere where it's currently winter -- let me go check my geography and meteorology lessons :-)

Today is the 200th day of the year. 165 days to go in 2005. We still have many days left of summer. Remember how exciting it used to be, when in elementary school, looking forward to summer break?

So... just to put things in perspective... on a hot summer day like today... in NYC, in Detroit, in L.A., in Houston, in Atlanta, in Chicago, where I know it's HOT... I hope you're making the most of the day today.

That you're having the summer you want to have. Making some memories that will keep you warm and entertained when the weather gets like the photos listed above. Living summer like you're 21 again...

And if you're not... it's not too late to "Say Something" or "Make It Happen" (aka Mariah lyrics...)

So... what you gonna do? :-)

P.S. I'm having a fabulous summer, by the way. Creating some GREAT memories and FUN stories that my friends and I will share forever...

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Shelley Halima said...

Thanks for the reminder. Here in Michigan we complain about the snow and can't wait for summer then when summer gets here...You know the drill. I'd much rather live with this heat than have to drive through that blasted snow. Other than on Christmas day, I could do without the snow.