Friday, July 29, 2005

L.A. Boys Head To Brooklyn

Posted by Picasa (Fred, left; Daniel, right)
So I would be so lost without the help of Daniel, one of two people who help me with my events, keep me calm and sane, and make this book thing so fun. (Oskar, not pictured, but who'll be pictured really soon, is the other one who does all that Daniel does.)

Anyway, Daniel and I are headed to Brooklyn next week. We work hard. We play hard. Well, once the book stuff is done. And looking forward to working and playing hard with all of you on the East Coast. We could also make your Pride In The City weekend a total reality series. Anyone up for two, very fun surprise guests to your Big Brother or Real World household? :-)


eastcoastbrutha said...

Fred -

Are you stopping anywhere else on the East Coast?? Philly perhaps? Let me know...would love to check you out.

Frederick Smith said...

I hear lots of folks in Philly have picked up the book. Would like to visit sometime soon. Will keep you posted. Will definitely be in NYC and ATL!

Jason said...

Congrats on the new novel. Checked out the webpage as well. Very cool.

Ivan Daniel said...

Wassup my Brothas...This is your Boi Ivan Daniel...congrats on the success of your book...Keep up the good work and Daniel hurry your ass back home....We Need you!! LOL
Peace and Blessings your family at
Ivan Daniel