Friday, July 08, 2005

Thursday Night Spoken Word at Catch One

So they're trying to start up a cool new lounge night at Jewel's Catch One in L.A. on Thursday nights. Spoken word artists and writers, against the backdrop of house music, memories, and my favorite drag host o'the day, Sweaty Moon. It's a fundraiser night for the health clinic run by Catch One owner, Jewel. Good cause.

I read there last week (as the kickoff for At The Beach Black Pride events) and last night too. Very fun and cool vibe.

If you're in town, stop by Thursday nights at Catch around 8ish. Drink specials. Poetry. Short stories. Bring some stuff to read and share. It's a cool spot to hit before running off to your other later spots on Thursdays...


Sweaty Moon said...

Frederick, thank you for so generously sharing your art and your time. Everyone loved you, and love you. All the best to you on your book tour. Work 'em to a low cream, boy! - Sweaty Moon

Frederick Smith said...

I hope everyone will try and make it by every Thursday. I think it's a good party in the making!