Monday, July 11, 2005

Equal Writes

Thank you to Dan and the staff at Equal Writes Bookstore in Long Beach, CA., for putting together a great space. On Saturday, I read, discussed, and signed copies of Down For Whatever. Great crowd. About a dozen people. Some had read the book already and were ready for a book club discussion. Others hadn't read it, but picked it up. Either way, it was really exciting to be with people who were engaged in the subjects that came up that evening.

And it goes to show the power of media... even just a little media exposure. All the folks who attended saw my big old face in an article in The Blade, a monthly LGBT magazine, in Orange County. And that's how they decided to come.Kinda cool. Dan, the owner of Equal Writes, went out of his way to make sure the event was a success. Thanks!

P.S. And to that cute young couple I met at the end of the event... C & S... I hope you explore your educational options. Realize you do have options and choices... and hopefully you won't make the one that will send you to Iraq.


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Shelley Halima said...

Fred, I'm so hoping that young couple explores ALL other options than the one that takes them to Iraq.