Friday, July 15, 2005


San Francisco has some really fun places to hang and have a cocktail... any time of the day. I'm staying with my buddy Matt in the Castro District, where fun is just a doorstep away. As soon as I leave this $800 a minute internet cafe, I'm on my way to have some afternoon libations with friends. Probably my last time in San Fran for a minute... Matt's giving up his Castro apartment for a larger condo in San Jose. Progress.

What'll it be today? Margaritas? Cape Cods? A light Pilsner? Been writing/revising the second novel most of the day... ready for some Castro happy hour fun.

And your weekend plans? Be down. Be safe. Be good. Be bad. :-)


Rod said...

Hey world-famous author! Glad to hear the trip went well. Someone emailed me and suggested that I read your book! I think that I will.


Frederick Smith said...

Hey Rod,
You're too funny. Hope all is well... and I hope you took your friend's advice, lol :-)