Friday, July 15, 2005


OK. My faith is restored in doing readings and events. My blahs from yesterday are a thing of the past. Had the best time with the Guy Writers group in San Francisco at the SF LGBT Center. These guys are regular everyday people who get together to share their writing and progress with each other.

I was the featured reader for their monthly social. Great turnout and great questions and great material from the various members. One name to look out for: Miles Murch. His excerpt from a novel he's just completed had me rolling on the floor laughing my butt off. It was great. He's a great personality. And I'm convinced that he'll be picked up and published in no time soon.

Anyway, it's still hot in San Francisco. Feels very SoCali today. Feeling restored and ready for a hot weekend... and a fun party in Oakland tomorrow afternoon... a friend of Rashid's.


Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

Mmmmm hmmmm.....taking my friends and turning them against me, I bet! ha ha, just kidding, you know I love ya. If the party is wack, it's not my fault. It shouldn't be wack though. You're doin it man! :-D

Frederick Smith said...

Didn't make the party, unfortunately, but I'm sure it was two bags of chips and a Red Faygo pop! Hopefully next time!