Thursday, February 09, 2006

You Brought The Sunshine. The Clark Sisters.

If you grew up in Detroit like I did, or with any sort of family inclination toward gospel music, you know who The Clark Sisters are. They're gospel music legends.

Fast forward some years later, and you're listening to morning radio in L.A., and hear The Clark Sisters classic song, "You Brought The Sunshine." And it makes your day.

Such an inspirational song.

They're "friends in my mind" as my buddy Prodigal Sun would say, lol. (Oh, and his birthday is tomorrow, Feb 10, by the way, so wish him well!).

But I have met Twinkie Clark, in 1997ish, when I chaired a GospelFest committee while at University of San Francisco, and she was the headliner performer. And met her nephew, who was studying art or music in San Fran at the time. Nice people.

Will get to meet and see another Clark Sister, Dorinda Clark-Cole, as she headlines a "Get Your Praise On!" Gospel Celebration in a couple weeks in L.A., on February 25 at the Luckman Fine Arts Gallery.

"You Brought The Sunshine" is a gospel music classic... well, a modern-era gospel classic... and one that can brighten up your day at any time of the day.

And indeed, the sunshine has been brought in L.A., where this week we've had sunny temps in the 80s and 90s.

Have a good one!


Brown Braided Woman said...

I loved the Clark Sisters back in the day too. I remember going to Disneyland to see them and the Winans perform. Nice memory Fred, thanks.

Dayne Avery said...

I grew up far from detroit and my family was REEEEEAAAALLY traditional when it came to gospel music (I was raised methodist) but in my later life I did discover the clark sisters and I know what you mean.

Joy in L.A said...

I can remember hearing them for the first time during "secular radio" hours here in L.A. My mom didn't like it being played right after "Atomic Dog" and right before "Candy", but us (we) kids looooved it. It was the beginning of my gospel album collection. I went right around the corner to the VIP record store on Crenshaw and 29th and bought it. :)
Thanks for the memories....

mytruth said...

Man, I would like to see the Clark Sisters or a sister.

Marz said...

I LOVE THEM ALL. Especially the new generation with lil KIKI.

I love me some Karen Clark Sheard.