Friday, February 03, 2006

L.A.: Herndon Davis. Space. Pan African Film Fest.

Herndon Davis, of the Herndon Davis Reports talk show, is having a party that is also serving as a fundraiser in L.A. on Sunday, February 12. It's at one of the newest hotspots in L.A. -- ICandy, which is a fun place with lots of pretty people. For more information, check out Herndon's official website. (Thanks Herndon for having me on your show this season!)

Also, if you're in L.A. anytime during February, I'd encourage you to check the Black History Month events happening at Space At Fountain's End. Upcoming performers include Tonya Pinkins, Michael Datcher, and Sheryl Lee Ralph. And most of the events are free or very low cost.

Finally, the Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival is coming up in a few days. Some great films will be screened. See entire film list here.

Have a nice Friday... and weekend!


thelastnoel said...

Sorry, I missed you at My Space. I hope the new book is coming along.

D-Place said...

This is going to be a great fundraiser. With the support of the Gay Black Community and others, this event could mark the beginning of our determining our image in the media. If your in Los Angeles, you should be at this event. I'll be there.

trent said...

Honestly, I wish I could attend the event and meet Herndon Davis, (you) Fred Smith, and some of the other guys. I just find a lot of you so inspirational.

Danyel said...

I must get Down for Whatever.