Thursday, February 02, 2006

Let's Talk About Sex...

(Image from Anne Taintor...

Besides this being one of my favorite Salt-N-Pepa songs, it's also a topic of academic and scholarly research by one of my professional colleagues and friends in L.A., Janet Lever.

She's doing a poll for Elle Magazine/MSNBC entitled: Hot Monogamy.

Basically, she and the research group want to know how much do sex lives grow or fizzle when in a relationship. If you're not in a relationship, there's questions for you too.

To take the survey, click here:

It'll be up until February 14, and results and analysis will be shared this May in Elle and MSNBC... and most likely The Today Show, as Janet Lever has been a contributor to the show and others on the topics of sex and relationships in contemporary U.S. (click here for a previous poll and results by Janet Lever for Today Show).

The current survey in inclusive/sensitive to all sexual orientations. I have no part or vested interest in the survey... just passing along word to help increase the research pool for Dr. Lever and company.


Waddie G. said...

I took the quiz.

ByeBye said...

I took this quiz... can't beleive I revealed the truth lol.