Friday, February 17, 2006

What's Up?

So I went to San Francisco a couple days ago for a reading/panel and it was great. Many thanks to Stewart, who organizes black-focused book events for the San Francisco Public Library system.

I shared the stage with Jewell Gomez, a Lambda Literary Award winner, who writes fiction with a feminist sci-fi twist, while tackling issues of ethnicity, gender, and class. She was great to share time with. It's always double the fun to have events with more than one writer.

So Jewell does a little science fiction, I did a little science fiction of my own. Let me tell you, I am love love LOVING Octavia Butler's Kindred. Great read! For all of you who told me so... you were right! And if you haven't picked it up, I'm telling you so. For reals...

In other news, I'm still awaiting the exact publication date of my next novel. My guess is summer 2007, and my hope is that it's a July release date... much like we had for Down For Whatever. I'll keep you posted. Like you, writers are in a constant state of waiting.

While I'm excited about writing, I also keep a day job. A very fun day job. And I am taking on more responsibilities that make me happy, nervous, excited, and secure that I can continue to support my writing and university life at the same time. Dual careers. One person. It's possible. I know many writers who have dual careers... they write and they do something else to support their writing. And the one's who step out and write only... I'm super excited for them. Every artist type, hopefully, will have that day when they decide: dual or single career.

Congrats to my writer friend who just got picked up by a literary agent! I'm super happy for you! No names yet.

So that's what's up. Have a great three day weekend!

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D-Place said...

Here's another book for your reading pleasure. The Good House, Tannanrive Due. I'm reading her new one Joplin's Ghost. It's good too so far.