Sunday, February 26, 2006

Octavia Butler Died This Weekend

Octavia Butler died this weekend.

She's the author of Kindred, the novel I'm currently reading and loving. I'd just recently discovered her work and looked forward to a reading she was going to do on March 17 at All Saints Church in Pasadena, CA. Would have been my first time meeting her and hearing her speak in person.

I'd recently written about the city of Pasadena selecting Kindred in the One City, One Story program. And a month ago I asked about your interest in Octavia Butler's work, several of you commented -- the most comments I'd gotten on one entry in a while. Indeed, Octavia Butler has a large fan base.

And tons of friends, including writer Steven Barnes, with his own special memories.

She will be missed for her contributions to the literary world and life in general... 1947 - 2006. Octavia Butler's official website.


D-Place said...

It is so sad to hear this news. She was a phenominal writer. She will be missed.

Tayari Jones said...

Yes, she will be missed. Ms. Butler used sci-fi to make us think about the world-- and to show us where things were headed.

And damn, it seems like early death an occupational hazzard for black writers.

Arch City Expatriate said...


Unfortunately, I've only heard of her through your website recently.

Sad to hear this. RIP.

Anonymous said...

Really really sad news. do yourself a favor and read her books. They cover so much.

the last noel said...

This just broke me up.